The Concept

Our mission is the humanization of architecture, because we believe architecture is the platform where the best memories are created.

Frari creates unique projects, thinking on each client, proposing comfortable spaces and adjusted to each one’s needs.
Each project is developed from the beginning to the end, resulting in an in-depth study looking for the perfect match between the space and its inhabitant.
We explore different narratives, always combining architecture and landscape in the most harmonious way possible, to provide each client with an exclusive proposal, adapted to it’s reality.
However, we do not fail to have a formalist attitude in our architectural vision, since for us, architecture must be simple, regular, and contained to best perform its purpose – to serve the human being.

We develop buildings of cohesive and rigorous shapes, and with controlled tones, so that its users, and their props and equipment, can give the life (and colour) to the building.
The primary focus of our design vision is on the intelligence of the strategy adopted for the organization of spaces.
For us, architecture is the art of creating physical spaces that enhance intellectual performance.

Architecture helps us to be happy!