Frari – architecture network is an award winning architecture practice located in Aveiro – Portugal.
Founded by Maria Fradinho in 2010, Frari operates within the fields of architecture, urbanism and interior design.
The atelier counts on regular collaboration of external service providers, in diverse areas such as engineering, topography, construction, landscaping, interior design, architectural photography and legal support, promoting knowledge of each multidisciplinary area of construction and so, contributing to the appreciation of architecture as an exclusive product.
With digital and printed publications in all continents, Frari is recognized for the excellence of its architecture proposals.
Frari is a winner of the Future House Awards, Margres Architecture Award, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Golden Trezzini Awards, Archilovers Best Project, Prémios Lusófonos de Arquitectura, have been nominated for several other awards such as Prémio Municipal de Arquitetura de Ílhavo, ArchDaily Building of the Year, ArchDaily Brasil Obra do Ano and candidate for Prémio Nacional de Reabilitação Urbana.

The founder of Frari, Maria João Fradinho Ribeiro, was born in Ílhavo (1984), a small town at the centre of Portugal.
She was graduated in Architecture by FAAUL Porto. During this time, her studies were dedicated to the comprehension and exercise of the relationship between buildings and its surroundings.
She participated in the ERASMUS program at ETSA Valencia, Spain, where she concluded her Master Degree (2008) under the thesis: “The urban-environmental relationship. The process of humanization of the city of Valencia” and, later, integrated the Leonardo da Vinci Program, in Amsterdam, for the admission to the Portuguese Ordem dos Arquitetos. At the same time, she has been a researcher for the international architecture magazine VOLUME/ARCHIS, with the architect Rem Koolhaas as editor.
In 2010, she returned to Portugal to create Frari, developing architectural projects in cooperation with multidisciplinary technicians.
Maria Fradinho is passionate about nature and is always motivated to combine architecture and landscape in the most harmonious way possible .
She develops a formalist architecture, without thereby undermining what she believes to be the most important thing: the intelligence of the strategy adopted for the space distribution.
In July 2020, she was elected to be a Member of the Board of Directors for the Secção Regional do Centro da Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses, for the three-year period 2020-2023.


MARIA FRADINHO | Founder Architect | Since 2010
DANIELA RIBEIRO | Human Resources and Legal Support | Since 2011
MARY LOURENÇO | Civil Engineer | 2013-2014
AMPARO BEL | Intern Architect | 2013
ÁNGEL DENFÍN | 3D Artist | 2013-2014
NORALY FAUSTINO | Intern Architect | 2014
RAFAEL MORAIS | Architect, 3D Artist | 2016-2017
CÉSAR PEREIRA | Architect, 3D Artist | 2017
ANA LUÍS | Intern Architect | 2017-2018
JÉSSICA BARRETO | Intern Architect | 2018
ANA SOARES | Architect | Since 2018
CARLOS MUÑOZ | Intern Architect | 2018
ANA RITA GOMES | Architect, 3D Artist | 2019-2020
SOFIA ALMEIDA | Graphic Designer | Since 2019

SARA GARCIA | Architect | Since 2022
CRISTINA PAIÃO | Architect | Since 2022
DANIEL ANTUNES | Architect | Since 2022
RABIA YİĞİT | Intern Architect | 2022
ALAN COSTA | 3D Artist | Since 2024