Frari | Curved Line

Curved Line

Type: Interior architecture

Client: Private

Size: 70 m2

Location: Aveiro – PORTUGAL

Status: Built

Year of Project: 2013

Year of Construction: 2013

Architect: Maria Fradinho


CL project is an interior transformation carried out in a street shop located in the center of Aveiro.

The program was the conversion of the property into a law firm, that requested the intervention on its two floors, ground floor and basement, in order to reach the needs of the business.

As the ground floor area was insufficient the basement received the working area, and the meeting room, freeing the entrance floor to be used as reception.

The challenge comes from the ability for the basement to provide the desired needs for it’s new use, requiring intervention at all levels of infrastructures like electricity, telecommunications, forced ventilation, artificial lighting. It was also ensured the separation into two separated spaces – working/meeting – trough a transparent glass wall.

The circulation of the lighting and ventilation is made through a curved line made with a fake ceiling. This organic element unifies all the spaces, providing a continuous feeling of amplitude for that small space.

This new space achieved harmonious balance between light and colors, to provide comfort and tranquility. An area of light tones with transparency and cleanliness, that it is now peaceful, elegant, and professional.