Mélias House

Type: Construction of a single-family house
Client: Private
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Status: ongoing
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Sara Garcia

Project Date: 2022 – ongoing
Plot Area:  505 m2
Implantation Area:  155 m2
Construction Area:  228 m2
3D Artist: Tiago Vieira da Silva

Mélias Houseis located in a consolidated urban area, mostly housing, located in an urban subdivision. With a restricted area and well-defined limits, imposed by the subdivision, Mélias is designed based on the idea of a solid and compact volume, with a simple geometric shape, which is then shaped at the North and South ends, to mark the moments of entry and the outdoor lounge, respectively.

The volume results from dichotomies, revealing and hiding the interior of the building, through the box-structure of the facades, which rise and shape themselves depending on the need to expose the interior.
This game is made up of three materials: white plaster for the rear skin that hides and protects, kerlite korten for the lower skin that gives lightness to the whole and translucent glass that reveals the interior of the house without restrictions.
With two floors above the threshold level, this building organizes the social areas on the ground floor, which includes a garage within the volume of the house, and on the upper floor the intimate areas, with 3 bedrooms.

On the top floor, a terrace shared by all compartments makes the best use of the sun, while also allowing to contemplate the city landscape.
This is a clearly urban house, which knows how to juxtapose the need to relate to its two road fronts, at the same time as it singles out the interior-exterior relationship of the lounge to the south, as the privileged moment of the house.