Frari | Deck House

Deck House

Type: Refurbishment and extension

Client: Private

Size: Plot 1300 m2 | Building 600 m2

Location: Vagos – PORTUGAL

Status: Built

Year of Project: 2012 – 2014

Year of Construction: 2014 – 2015

Team: Maria Fradinho (Project Leader), Angel Delfín, Amparo Bel, Norally Faustino and Rafael Morais.

Photographs: ITS – Ivo Tavares Studio


The challenge of this project was the extension of a single-family house, with five years of existence. The house had weaknesses in its spatial organization, with missing space in some areas and wasted space in another ones.

Besides, the house had no relation with green surroundings, it was needed a study that could restore the relationship between the inner and outer space.

The unification of the two initial plots, with a total of about 1300 m2, allowed a new configuration of the volume, that was extended horizontally, reinforcing the connection with the outside environment.

The design of the set is simple, and abstract, to reintegrate the two parts into one. For this reason the facades were partially covered with composite panels, creating a skin that unifies the architectural piece. The old and the new come together!

The vertical patio that limits the entry moment makes the connection between the existent construction, and new construction, leaving that part as an open area.

After this transition moment, the space is open, clean, and confortable, being able to support the amount of people often invited to the house.

The living room is, in both sides, limited by glass walls, that provides total sunlight from the south side and, at the same time, direct access and views for the backyard, with the swimming pool, barbecue area, children’s playground, deck area and the gardens.

At the first floor it was added a new master bedroom, with an open toilet that connects with the bedroom, and with the patio, in a romantic atmosphere.

The terrace is a private space that guarantees relaxed moments, after living in this house of busy lives.