Fish House

Type: Renovation of a single-family house
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Status: Construction work
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Jéssica Barreto, Ana Soares, Ana Rita Gomes
Project Date: 2018-2019
Construction Date: 2020-on going
Plot Area: 97 m2
Implantation Area: 73 m2
Construction Area: 130 m2
Original Project Author: Unknown
Changes by Fernando Augusto Tavares da Conceição, in 2000.

Set at the Beira Mar neighborhood, next to the Chapel of São Gonçalinho and the Praça do Peixe (Fish Square), in the historic centre of Aveiro, this villa uses the fish image as an inspiration for the project, to change the existing building. Implanted in a narrow plot, distributed in band, and in a single longitudinal body, the building guarantees a small private patio, which ends in an alley of timid dimensions.
The homogeneous three-floor piece undergoes minor changes in its volume, as it admits a rigidly imposed shape by the boundaries of the lot.
The Fish House proposes to break with the pattern of the urban front where it is inserted, proposing facades that assume a new and clearly contemporary architectural identity.
The dwelling has two visible facades, both public and admittedly frontal, allowed by the new programmatic distribution, the main one in the south, and the secondary one in the north. This understanding of the building conditions the entire project as it avoids the disregard for the north facade, which occurs in the pre-existence.

The main elevation of the building is covered by a second skin, composed of a metal structure covered with white ceramic tiles. This structure is mechanically retractable, allowing stepped opening by floors.
The option to write over the history of the building results from the need to assign a new phase of life to the house, breaking with the pre existence, since, also inside, the differences are
The second skin gives the building a homogeneous and abstract character, which distinguishes it from the other attached buildings, although ensuring respect for the framing.