Martins Building

Type: Transformation of a Residential and Commercial building
Client: Private
Location: Ílhavo, Portugal
Status: Ongoing
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Project Date: 2021
Construction Date: about to start
Plot Area: 860 m2
Implantation Area: 330 m2
Construction Area: 550 m2
Original Project Author: Unknown
3D Artist: Tiago Vieira da Silva

On a disruptive language, Martins Building is about spatial and temporal transition. The architectural composition, functionality and typology change accordingly to the user’s desire and the context. As a residential and commercial building, its transition is also about private and public spaces, resulting in an intermediate element between two different realities: intimacy and exteriority.

The rehabilitation and extension result from the complexity of the spatial planning and its different purposes (a 2 bedrooms apartment, a 4 bedrooms apartment, and a store), since it’s required autonomy for each typology, providing a flexible and independent use.

All individual elements coexist together under the principle of unity. The materiality and chromatic consistency reinforce the balance between the opposite realities and epochs of the building. Hence, the main façade is covered by a steel structure, as an architectural membrane, ensuring an optimal aesthetic and visual arrangement.

Rhythm is accomplished by repetition which is determined through the metrical sequence of the structure by covering the original façade, creating permeability or restriction, a lightning game and an aesthetic experience. The rear façade is composed by large windows, blending the complexity of its interior, without fear of lack of privacy, given the protection of the backyard patio.