Mill House

Type: Transformation and Expansion of a single-family house
Client: Private
Location: Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal
Status: ongoing
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Sara Garcia e Cristina Paião

Project Date: 2022 – 2023
Plot Area: 465 m2
Implantation Area: 200 m2
Construction Area: 267 m2
Original Project Author: Unknown
3D Artist: Tiago Vieira da Silva

Located in a rural and exquisite area, the Mill House is surrounded by a peripheral creek and a mountainous landscape. Nearby, there is the historical water mill of Cova do Fontão (19th century), located in Angeja.

The proposal tried to adapt the morphological intricacy and its natural slope. Thus, it is designed a new volume which combines and articulates the pre-existing buildings, establishing all the needs for the residence.

The new image of the proposal is achieved through the reinterpretation of the traditional constructions, allowing the right balance between its surroundings and the landscape. For that, we suggest to overlay all the facades by using sheet metal materials (like sandwich panels) in order to create a contemporary and integrated image – the pre-existing buildings are coloured in a shade of orange, suggesting the traditional ceramic tiles, and the new volume and the basement of the terrace are coloured in a shade of light grey. This dichotomy reinforces the differences but also the idea of unity and composition.

On the other hand, the simplicity of the interior and its large windows embrace the outside landscape and respond to the client’s way of living, who are artists.

All the exterior greenery is placed to ensure an integrated composition.