MOOD Furniture

Type: Interior rehabilitation of business space
Client: Private
Location: Ílhavo, Portugal
Status: ongoing
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Daniel Antunes, Rabia Yiğit

Project Date: 2022
Plot Area: 1045 m2
Implantation Area: 1045 m2
Construction Area: 1107 m2
Original Project Author: Unknown

MOOD Furniture headquarters is an interior renovation project of an office furniture enterprise. It is developed under the principle of architectural functionality combined with aesthetic delight – a paradigm which transfers the clients and users needs into spatial solutions.

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

MOOD Furniture logo influences the design of the showroom area due to its fluid and curved distinctiveness. Once considered a liminal space it is designed a tempting and astute concept to allow its mutable meaning – a space for transition (physical and visual), and sequence (connecting different spaces).

Such concept manifests the idea of architectural promenade as a guidance artifice to the furniture exhibition, and users’ motion between spaces.

The warehouse is located on the first floor where logistics take place. This includes the flow (shipping and receiving) storage and inventory. The showroom, offices area, and multipurpose room are located on the second floor. The showroom is achieved through a game of platforms with different levels as a sculptural and seductive architectural concept. The offices area integrates the meeting room, the creative room, and executive offices. The multipurpose room is intended to be a breakroom and also a cozy/intimate workplace.

We reflect upon placelessness and transformative architecture, providing meaning to workplaces. The living office is, alternatively to conventional offices, a place designed to greater connectivity, productivity and prosperity.
The living office is achieved through ideal settings making places a purposeful tool for achieving business goals. By designing captivating spaces, we provide meaning and significance to the workplace, through methods of optimal placement, functionality, and ergonomic considerations.
MOOD Furniture headquarters is designed to be a high-performing workplace that provides an elevated experience to users and collaborators. Some premises – spatial continuity and visual permeability – are only possible to achieve through materiality and colour. The dialectic between dark colour (roof) and light colour (wall and floor) contributes to the idea of a horizontal perspective resulting in a more continuous space. The partitions between the offices and the warehouse are made by light and transparent elements, resulting in visual permeability.

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The living office concept is also achieved through a set of colours and materials, which embraces aesthetics and spatial quality. In this case, the design provides attributes of an industrial, modern, comfortable, flexible, and sophisticated workplace.