Frari | Modular Riverbank

Modular Riverbank


Client: Competition

Size: 500.000 m2

Location: Prague – CZECH REPUBLIC

Status: Settled

Year: 2012

Team: Maria Fradinho + Rui Duarte (GOOI project, Amsterdam)


The Maldava River has no interesting features so people are set aside from the riverbed. The boundaries of the river are bearing walls that separate the two realities – the city does not establish a direct contact with the riverfront. Besides, the use of the margins is mostly for dock purpose.
FRARI and GOOI project joined to imagine a new interpretation for Prague’s river, proposing a new approach for its urban development.
We developed a new concept of margin riverside, where a flexible system can determine the success for the future of the city.
With a modular grouping strategy we created a method for the arrangement of the margins, where the space is returned to man, with recreational, cultural and sporting events.
With a new life that emerges Prague receives new areas to increase its cultural activities, like the extension of the university district at the riverfront.
The dock areas can now coexist in harmony with other functions.
By aggregating or disaggregating its elements it can follow the evolution of the city, in a long or short period of time as a sustainable development.