Pateira House

Type: Construction of a single-family house
Client: Private
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Status:  ongoing
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Sara Garcia

Project Date: 2022 – ongoing
Construction Date: about to start
Plot Area: 3.312 m2
Implantation Area: 315 m2
Construction Area: 397 m2
3D Artist: Tiago Vieira da Silva

The Pateira House is located in a typically bucolic landscape of Aveiro countryside, derived from the archetype of farm house. The simplicity of the design is reinforced by subtle, yet sophisticated details. The design results from principles of a contemporary and minimalist approach which is sustained by its simple design, urban placement and sober materiality. This dichotomy between subtlety and seduction creates its image.

The main premise of the proposal is to incorporate the new volume in its surroundings, as a coherent and proportional building in comparison to the scale of local buildings. For that reason, it is established in a lower level than the main public access so its elevation is minimal.

Hence, the north façade is discreet as it faces the public road, while the south façade features glazing walls, allowing a direct connection to the private garden and a visual continuity to the poetic scenery (Pateira de Fermentelos).

As the proposal is designed in a north-south orientation, it also features two blind walls in which one of them it is created a slit at the main entrance, ensued from the intersection of the volumes.

The slit and patios establish a sculptural outcome and visual permeability, resulting in a spatial relation between inner and outer spaces. All living spaces benefit from natural lightning and ventilation introduced by the large windows or strategically positioned patios.
The delineation and interpretation of the plot results in its image and promotes the aesthetic delight but also its functionality.