Frari | Pool Pergola

Pool Pergola

Type: Construction

Client: Private

Size: Plot 120 m2 | Building 70 m2

Location: Águeda – PORTUGAL

Status: Settled

Year: 2015

Team: Maria Fradinho (Project Leader) and Rafael Morais


This project aims the construction of a building for an indoor pool, to build in the backyard of a single-family house, located in Águeda.
The pre-existence is defined by a space divided into two highs: the lowest – adjacent to the street; and the highest – related to the ground floor of the house.
Thus, the architectural proposal aims a volume that solves the difference of heights providing, at the same time, a new environment for both the inlet zone of the garden, as for the terrace with landscape views.
The building is permeable to ensure the continuity of the relationship between the two highs, preventing it to become a barrier.
Therefore, the Pool Pergola is made by repeated structural elements, forming a rhythmic composition of positives and negatives, which makes the building be both open and closed, being permeable without being “offered” or “shameless”.
Composed by white concrete and glass, the building complements the surroundings already built, but it is formalized as a separate volume, assuming the differentiation of the existing architectural styles.
By respecting the chromatic choices, alignments of the facades and rooftops, the piece fits in place. The outer arrangements, on the other hand, will consolidate all situations ensuring the uniformity of the group.
The light, the views and the constant feeling of being in outer space is the motivation of this project, which is conducive to sports but also for the pleasure of enjoying a recreational space for the whole family.