Swimming Pool House

Type: Construction of a small house to support a swimming pool
Client: Private
Location: Vagos, Portugal
Status: Built
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Ana Rita Luís, Ana Rita Gomes
Project Date: 2016-2017
Construction Date: 2018-2019
Plot Area: 940 m2
Implantation Area: 210 m2
Construction Area: 300 m2

The purpose for this small house is to welcome family and friends in an informal and leisure context.
This building will support a single-family villa that lacks spaces of socialization. In this way, a part of the land is separated and destined to the construction of the Swimming pool house, a relaxed place, distant and depriving of the “mother house”.
Of the approximately 740 m2 of land highlighted for this purpose, it is decided to build only 160 m2, leaving the remaining area destined to green areas and the pool which motivates the construction of this building, resulting all this extension of land to provide and receive the outdoor activities.
Given the purpose of obtaining a space for sporadic events that involve receiving a large number of guests, it is proposed to build a simple, regular and a single-storey volume. With an open space in about half of its area occupied by the living room, dining room and kitchen, the other half of the building is reserved for other specific uses namely a support room, a sanitary installation and a gymnasium.

To unify the whole volume in a piece that joins the inner distinction, there is a covering that extends outwards. This porch will protect the exterior uses from the bad weather, but once the facade is oriented to the south, it also guarantees the shade of the interior spaces in times of sun. This porch has the possibility for barbecue and eating tables in order to enjoy the excellent solar exposition.
The façade, mostly made of glass, allows you to take advantage of the views to the garden and pool, never allowing forgetting the purpose of that space.
This volume whose aspect will be integrated with the existing architectural piece, won’t loose its identity as an autonomous building with its own language. It intends to be discreet and simple in its formalization, yet cohesive and objective in solving the problem raised and, at the same time, delicately designed to let the harmony flow in the relaxing days.