Water Diamond

Type: Idea for a forest fire tower
Client: Competition
Location: Portugal – undefined
Status: Settled
Project Author: Maria Fradinho
Team: Mary Lourenço, Pedro Teixeira, Ángel Delfín and Nuno Moreira
Project date: 2014
Size: 400 m high

Because of the Global Warming the risk of fire increases from year to year. Worldwide it grows the number of forest fires and area burned. The overall estimate points to a lost of hundreds of million hectares every year, the most affected continent is Africa, loosing about 200 million ha per year. Large areas are also burned in North America, South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. In Europe the most affected area is the Mediterranean, which has favorable climatic conditions to increase the risk of fire. In one group of countries comprising Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece, burned 253664 ha in 2010, while the total burned in the rest of Europe, in the same year, was 20336 ha. In Portugal the fire issue has become a big threat, since 2002 until 2012 the burnt area doubled. The results show a lost of about 21.000 ha by 2752 fires that devastated the country.

Every year, countries like Portugal have to face this monster of flames, providing immense economic and human resources to save our precious forests. Despite all efforts the results point to a lost vast areas year after year, as well as amendment of our biodiversity, numerous plant and animal species being affected. This devastation extends to the destruction of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and agriculture fields, and even affects human life, with the loss of people, often in fighting these fires. The lack of equipment and infrastructures, coupled with the almost unreachable location of large forest areas, had become the key to the evolution of large forest fires.
The Water Diamond intends to solve this issue, becoming the basis for the Forest Fire Prevention. It is a watchtower, a communication tower, and a water-tank. But t is also a firefighter tower, being able to control and stop the fire by itself.

Using only renewable energies, the tower is able to create a sustainable system to operate efficiently all its capabilities. It will watch, prevent and stop any fire in its surrounding, through a group method, able to control large areas of fire.
We lose hundreds of million hectares every year, stop the fire now!