Frari | PH9 Door

PH9 Door


Client: Competition

Size: 180 m2

Location: Not specified

Status: Settled

Year: 2011

Team: Maria Fradinho, Daniel Oliveira


This study for a single-family house aims to be a model of introspection about the rigid solutions in architecture.

The piece is extended through a circumferential shape, allowing greater energy savings as well as a greater relation to its surroundings, and with continuous sun exposure.

The premise is its spiral development that makes the journey between all the heights till the rooftop. This route is made by an outer ramp that connects the three floors, being the link that allows the ground floor and top floor spaces to be connected with the rest of the house.

The spiral access ends up to be the shading element for the facade and also a roof/protection for the ground floor area.

The structure was modelled according to a fixed core that supports all remaining body, suspended as if it were a tree, with its trunk and treetop.

The trunk is composed by technical areas, and the top by space to live and explore.

The house, flexible in terms of spatial occupation, was developed under a rule of panels arranged around the perimeter, that are moved to form the compartmentation. This rule allows a multitude of interior solutions, being the element with which the inhabitants can interact to create and recreate their habitat.

This volume represents the near future, when men instead of moving home will be changing home.