Instagram Live Talks – Arquitectura em Tempos de Pandemia

Maria Fradinho was invited to participate in a series of conversations called: Architecture in Times of Pandemic. These architectural talks ocurred live on Building Pictures Instagram,  between 6 to 17 April at 7pm.

In addition to Frari, numerous Portuguese architectural firms participated, including: Depa Architects, Guilherme Machado Vaz, Space Workers, João Rapagão and others.

Visual Storytelling – Pecha Kucha Night

Maria Fradinho was invited to speak for the International Pecha Kucha Day – 20-02-2020. The presentation was entitled “The History behind the Arch House”.

The event took place in numerous cities worldwide, such as Bangkok, Bogata, Cleveland, El Paso, Geneva, Guangzhou, Lausanne, Lima, London, Maastricht, Manchester, Nairobi, Ottowa, Panjim, Quito, Rotterdam, San Antonio, Tbilisi, Tokyo, Tromsø, Utrecht, Valladolid, Yerevan and Aveiro, to celebrate creativity!

Soon we will share the video of the presentation.