Frari | Green House

Green House

Type: Refurbishment

Client: Private

Size: Plot 78 sqm | Building 136 sqm

Location: Ílhavo – PORTUGAL

Status: In progress

Year of Project: 2018

Year of Construction: ___- ___

Team: Maria Fradinho (Project Leader), Jéssica Barreto, Ana Soares.


Immersed in the heart of Costa Nova do Prado, a beach of fishery origin, known
for its architecture with striped facades, this small two-family dwelling dates
back to 1958 and was designed with Modernist style, which was then practiced
in Portugal.
Built in an urban area, the villa with 67 sqm of implantation, on a plot of only 78
sqm, and with 136 sqm in total, was designed as a single family home.
However, over time, it was converted into 2 houses, as well as successive
changes to its external composition were made.
Our project aims to recover the drawing of the original design, returning the
expression of the limits of the volumes on the façades, conquering the
accessible rooftop, and correcting the alignments of the windows.
On the other hand, we intervened in the façade creating new openings, which
can dignify the new interior areas, but taking into account the rules of the
original design.
In the interior, we only intervened on the ground floor, where a fraction of 1
bedroom was created, with 60 sqm. This floor had been totally modified, which
allowed us to intervene autonomously and freely.
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With a simple distribution, to match the modest program, there was only the
concern to guarantee the appropriate comfort, through the application of
thermal and acoustic protection and correction of the existing pathologies, since
the house was in an advanced state of degradation.
The programmatic distribution of this fraction also took into consideration the
need for a common access to the useful rooftop.
The Green House was it always, but in a dark green, aged and stained by
pathologies. Therefore, we have recovered from the palette of colours of the
architect Le Corbusier, a light greenish blue tone, in an attempt to give the
building the style of the modern age while, at the same time, it guarantees a
fresh and contemporary feeling, much more suited to the coastal environment.
We have, therefore, a project developed essentially by reading in detriment of
the proposal. A project of sensitivity and respect, of coherence and wisdom, of
maximum description and containment, and moderation of the protagonism of
the author.